In today’s day and age there are a lot of different circumstances you may run across.

It may be difficult to defend your position but take all of this into account when you are confronted.

The right to bear arms:

You may get in an argument with another person about owning a firearm.

Most likely the biggest argument you will get into is the right to bear arms. The other person may say: “well if you took away all the firearms in this country there would be no murder”.

Of course that is a blunt response to a deep issue.

Firearms in the United States are a right, not a privilege. The founding fathers did not want another powerful government that controls people to arise in the US so they imposed the constitutional right to bear arms.

Not a lot of countries on this earth have the right to firearms. The US being one that gives you constitutional right to it means removing firearms won’t solve any issues.

Let me explain

Let’s say we banned all weapons or a majority of them right now. First of all that would be seen as unconstitutional but it’s possible because we have seen similar bans. The 1994 Assault weapons ban was a weapons ban for a lot of semi automatic firearms and “large capacity magazines “.

Back to the point.

Banning these firearms right now would have a harsh impact on the US. Murder rates would be up. Either in rebellion to the Government: Due to the stirring of an already Civil War ready nation. Or due to criminals who don’t obey the laws going after stores or homes filled with law abiding citizens that gave up their arms.

Take a broader approach to this.

Guns are not the issue, Mental health and the people straying away from traditional values are causing these violent acts. Homes without fathers cause the children to grow up not know guns are tools and should be used properly.

There once was a time in America where they were treated this way but now this is not the case, the media and politicians spread that guns kill people. You’ve heard this said multiple times. The mental degeneration of America is killing people. Let’s take into account how the left twists murder to their favor.

Suicide is a huge issue in our society not because guns are easy to obtain but because we have a huge issue with mental health. God and church is the only thing that can solve this. We will dive deeper into this later. The left uses this as a way to say ban guns! There will not be so much deaths. Now when they speak about abortion it’s not murder anymore it’s “Women’s healthcare”. This is what you will deal with talking to the other side. It’s whatever they believe and if you don’t you’re a bigot or a fascist.

The left not only call you a bigot or a fascist, but is willing to take away the right to your firearms, even though the constitution states that cannot happen as an example in Washington state, there has been a semi automatic rifle ban which a majority, if not, all semiautomatic rifles are illegal to purchase in the state of Washington. What has happened in the past years since the ban has been imposed. Washington state has seen an increase in homicides, violent crime, car, thefts, and everything in between. Meanwhile, Florida and other Republican states have seen a decrease in crime following constitutional carry rulings.

If the left doesn’t know what they are doing by restricting citizens from purchasing firearms. Then they should really read this every Republican knows that criminals don’t follow laws and will break them by any means necessary if guns are banned in one state, a criminal with a record or not can still obtain a firearm through a black market, or can go to another state. Now what Washington state is doing is even worse Washington state has released violent criminals out onto the street.

Christian believe in traditional values. A mother and a father: A Man and a Woman having a family, teaching them to go down the right path follow Jesus in their life and to have children and to keep their commandments.

The left has taken that and went a full 180. Not a 180 back in history. History has had the same story back to Adam and Eve. Man and Woman. Why change that now. Why go down this perverted ways.

Freedom and the misuse of the 1st amendment.

The left implies that transgenderism, gay marriage, and the right to say whatever, and the right to religion is a constitutional right protected under the first amendment. And we see this popping up with Satanism. Satanists claimed that they are religion but that is not what the founding fathers implied America was built on Christianity and Satanism is a full 180 against Christianity. satanists mock God and Christians, and freedom of speech was not imposed as a protection for these perverted ways. Freedom of speech was created as a right to protect us as humans against a tyrannical government that could put people in jail for saying some thing as “I don’t like what the president is doing” in other countries saying that can sometimes lead to imprisonment and political persecution. You have to remember this nation was built on the principle of Christianity yes, people immigrated not knowing God, but taking a nation that was founded on Christianity, and perverting it into many ways of an unchristian nation, which we are today where the president says abortion is OK but sees himself as a practicing Catholic.

We only can own muskets: cannons

Magazine bans